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ABOUT the Proposal

The Proposal

Nominate and select a prince or princess for the day. We request to have Disney to select and celebrate a chosen patron of the Magic Kingdom as Honorary Prince or Princess of the day, bringing a little more magic to the Magic Kingdom experience for friends, family, and all.


A person may be nominated for the title of Prince/Princess by a family member or friend, or choose to submit a self-nomination. In order to qualify for nomination for, and be granted the title of, Honorary Prince of Princess, the honoree must hold Disney World and/or Disney Land as their designated recreational get-away. This qualification can be met by a combination of the following:

  • Frequent trips to Disney Land or Disney World (provable via planned/fulfilled trips logged in their My Disney Experience account)
  • Be a collector of Disney content and merchandise (movies, music, clothing, pins, figurines, etc., supplemental validation via registrations to the Disney Rewards Program and photo evidence of personal collection)
  • Be willing, and able, to share a Disney-related story/memory/event that made a lasting impact on their life
  • References from others verifying the submitted nominee’s love of all things Disney

Selection Process

Every day that the Magic Kingdom is open, one Prince and Princess should be inducted. Honorees are to be vetted/elected by a designated committee. This committee could consist of Disney partners, organizations sponsored by Disney, employees, or volunteers, all of which shall be selected/approved at the discretion of Disney. Factors that can contribute to the honoree selection may include, but are not limited to:

  • Quality of submitted nomination document(s)
  • Frequency with which the nominee visits Disney establishments
  • If the nominee has been diagnosed with an illness or has been the victim of unfortunate circumstance, yet they exhibit extraordinary fortitude and positivity despite their misfortune

Magic Kingdom Ceremony

We've outlined our proposal for the ceremony at the Magic Kingdom.

  1. During operational park hours, at a designated time and place in the Magic Kingdom, the selected nominee would be responsible for showing up to meet with a party of Disney cast members, among them a town crier. Upon meeting the cast members and verifying honorary status, the ceremony should commence with a brief attention-grab by the town crier.
  2. Once the town crier has grabbed the attention of a nearby crowd, another cast member shall step forth as herald and present the decree (or the town crier could deliver the decree).
  3. The decree is to be written on, and read from, a piece of parchment paper, which the honoree shall receive, alongside a crown/tiara to be bestowed with the title of Prince/Princess. This decree would be something to the degree of:
    “Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Today, June 4th of the year 2017, Mary Smith is to be crowned Honorary Princess of the Magic Kingdom for the day! It is my honor to bestow upon her this tiara, symbolizing the magic and joy she brings to the Kingdom and all within. Please join me in honoring our new princess with a round of applause.”
  4. The Herald would also say from this day forward to the end of time the magic mirror/electronic book of Honorary Royal Princes and Princesses will be displayed for all to see and celebrate henceforth at the Magic Kingdom.
Disney will designate a location in the Magic Kingdom where the database of honorary princes and princesses will be retained. In this location, magic mirrors (HDTVs) or tablets (iPads) will be positioned at various places in the building. To Interact with the mirrors or books, a visitor would speak a query, such as “Magic Mirror on the wall, who was the honorary prince/princess of the Magic Kingdom on September 19, 2016?” If voice activation is not possible, or unreliable, the user could instead simply browse the database or use an onscreen keyboard/user interface to find the honoree. Additionally, this information could be accessed on an interactive website that ties into the Disney World website. When accessed, the profile of the honorary prince or princess would include the following:
  • Picture that was taken during/following their coronation ceremony
  • Name
  • Title
  • Date they were coronated
Announcements could be sponsored by vendors like (Dell, AT&T, etc.) on the radio with Disney’s approval telling of the appearance of that person to be honored prior to, or on that day.


For charitable cases (should the honoree be diagnosed with a terminal illness, possess a disability, etc.), proceeds raised by The Emm's Wish Foundation will be donated to fund the cost of airfare, hotel accommodations, and the admission for the honoree plus one family member. The Disney Corporation will sponsor the cost of the crown, parchment, and the announcement by the Herald to the honoree. At the discretion of the Disney Corporation, they may sponsor the cost of admission to the Disney Parks and accommodations at a select Disney hotel for the honoree and one family member. In the event that a visitor has applied for prince/princess and is determined to be a non-charitable case, and should this visitor be selected for the ceremony, the costs that would be incurred by Disney could be turned into a fee in a similar fashion to any other amenity in the Disney Parks. Travel arrangements for the honoree and his or her family/friends, and the costs associated with admittance to the park for family/friends would not be incurred by Disney. Costs for the items associated with the honoree could be passed on to sponsors (The Emm's Wish Foundation, other corporate sponsors, other non-profit organizations, etc) in place of Disney, if desired.