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The Emm's Wish organization is working towards making every Disney fan's dream come true and inspire those with chronic illness or facing extreme adversity to persevere and find support. Our main mission is to select a special someone that is inclusive of all ages. We will send that  person with family, or friends to be  Honored as  Prince or Princess for that Day at  the Magic Kingdom of Disney. He or she  will  be given the royal treatment, enjoying  the amenities of Disney while  making a life time memory of that happy time with their love ones! You can send in your nomination for a Prince or Princess and why you think they capture the spirit of Emm's Wish and their Happy Thought. Or join our community of Disney fans, cancer survivors, and those who have found strength to get through the toughest of times.



The Emm's Wish buttons are the beginning of our journey to help bring awareness to the Emm's Wish mission. By wearing a button you become an Ambassador for Emm's Wish.  You can tell her story about this special wish, bring encouragement and inspiration to someone's life, reminding them they have the power within themselves to get through whatever struggles they may face in this life.



How the wish was made by Emily  All proceeds raised by the Emm's


In case you’re wandering Emily was a Radio Broadcaster, world traveler, teacher,  sent care packages for our soldiers away from home, supported and worked with the adoption and care of animals in local shelters, and of course an advocate for Ovarian Cancer research,. She was also a true Disney fan who battled ovarian cancer until the age of 30. After her initial diagnosis, she found inspiration and encouragement in the magic of Disney, and through strengthening her willpower and positive affirmation. Spending days at the Disney Parks and meeting friends in the Disney community brought her great joy through her time of adversity. She also reached out to many in the Disney community and terminal illness support groups to find ways to empower her body to fight her illness, giving her more years to live out her dreams.


Emily had been at Disney just the week before she passed and confided in her father a wish she wanted for those like her so that they could be part of the Disney magic in a special way. She told her father that she knew that “Make a wish” was there for children, but what about the rest of the people, young and old, who truly love Disney as much as she did. The idea that Disney nominates an Honorary Prince or Princess at the Magic Kingdom is now the Emm's Wish mission!  The audio you are about to hear is one of the last Disney Podcast Emily made that explains why there is an Emm's Wish . It shows her love of Disney which gave her encouragement and Inspiration . She found the Disney Magic and hoped that  others in need would find it too, and that was to become an Emm's Wish Honorary  Disney Prince or Princess for a day with family, or friends, celebrating  memories that will last forever. Please listen to this 6 minute segment of  Emily's last Podcast before she past away and you too will want to become an Ambassador for Emm's Wish!

Emily was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on July 3, 2014 and passed away on May 15, 2017. During her short time, she lived her life  joyously helping others, supporting her charities, and in pursuit of many things, but above all, she wanted to spend every moment she could either at Disney or making homemade mouse ears for people to wear at the parks, to bring a little more magic to their lives through her friends in the Disney community. You can read more at www.memsofemms.com.

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