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Emily battled ovarian cancer. During her short time, she lived her life in pursuit of many things, but above all, she wanted to spend every moment she could either at Disney or making homemade ears for people to wear at the parks, to bring a little more magic to their lives through her friends in the Disney community. Her wish was for Disney to have an Honorary Prince and Princess to be honored every day at the Magic Kingdom, for anyone, young or old, who loves Disney as much as she did. 


In honor of her memory, her family is working towards making this come true, but we need help spreading the word. We are working to create a program for a Disney Prince/Princess for the day that is inclusive of all ages (read more about the proposal here).


The Emm's Wish buttons are the beginning of our journey to help share Emily's story. By wearing a button and sharing her story, you can share the magic she felt every day and promote her wish for every person to be treated like Disney royalty.



  1. We'll ship you a button to wear - add the button above to your cart to process your free order!

  2. If you attend any Disney-related event or go to any of the Disney parks, wear your Emm's Wish button! Please share your photos with us on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtags #emmswish and #happythoughts

  3. For the caption, include a "happy thought." - Almost DAILY, Emily would publish her happy thought to inspire her followers, and remind them to stay positive no matter what 

  4. If anyone asks about the button, please share the Emm's Wish story and refer them to the Emm's Wish website.