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Nominate a Prince or Princess

Contest Deadline: To Be Determined

All entries received to date will be entered into the next contest.

Contest deadline and event/travel dates are to be determined for the 2021-2022 year.

Nomination Form

Thank you for nominating someone!

About Emm's Wish:

Emm's Wish is a foundation, non-profit 501©3, with the mission is to spread the magic and joy by sending the ultimate Disney fan plus one family member on a fun-filled all expenses paid trip to Walt Disney World, where they will be crowned an honorary Disney Prince or Princess.


Nomination Criteria:

A person may be nominated for the title of Prince/Princess by a family member or friend, or choose to submit a self-nomination. In order to qualify for nomination for, and be granted the title of, Honorary Prince of Princess, the honoree must hold Disney World and/or Disney Land as their designated recreational get-away. This qualification can be met by a combination of the following:

  • Frequent trips to Disney Land or Disney World (provable via planned/fulfilled trips logged in their My Disney Experience account)

  • Be a collector of Disney content and merchandise (movies, music, clothing, pins, figurines, etc., supplemental validation via registrations to the Disney Rewards Program and photo evidence of personal collection)

  • Be willing, and able, to share a Disney-related story/memory/event that made a lasting impact on their life

  • References from others verifying the submitted nominee’s love of all things Disney


Selection Process:

Every day that the Magic Kingdom is open, one Prince and Princess should be inducted. Honorees are to be vetted/elected by a designated committee. This committee could consist of Disney partners, organizations sponsored by Disney, employees, or volunteers, all of which shall be selected/approved at the discretion of Disney. Factors that can contribute to the honoree selection may include, but are not limited to:

  • Quality of submitted nomination document(s)

  • Frequency with which the nominee visits Disney establishments

  • If the nominee has been diagnosed with an illness or has been the victim of unfortunate circumstance, yet they exhibit extraordinary fortitude and positivity despite their misfortune

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