About Emm's Wish

Emily Garcia was a true Disney fan who battled ovarian cancer until the age of 30. After her initial diagnosis, she spent every moment she could either at the Disney parks or making homemade ears for people to wear at the parks and to bring a little more magic to her friends' lives in the Disney community. Her final wish was for Disney to nominate an Honorary Prince and Princess to be honored every day at the Magic Kingdom, for anyone, young or old, who loves Disney as much as she did. 


In honor of her memory, her family is working towards making this come true.

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The Loving Christmas Doll

By Gil Garcia

Book Summary:

In search of a good Christmas story for his column, a newspaper reporter and his daughter visit an elderly woman at a nursing home in a small Texas town. What they uncover is a tale of greed against generosity, centered around a beautifully handcrafted toy known as The Loving Christmas Doll. The doll is coveted by two different families for two different reasons, and it only takes one little lie to set a series of events in motion that will change everyone and everything the doll has come into contact with. It's a story of hope and redemption, twists and turns, and the magic of Christmas. In a style similar to that of Frank Capra's sentimental storytelling, The Loving Christmas Doll is a holiday narrative that celebrates humility, captures the true spirit of the season, and instills a lesson that is one you will want to share and spread with all around you for years to come.

Emily's father, Gil Garcia, donates all proceeds to the Emm's Wish organization.